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Wooden Toys and Montessori Philosophy Toys: Unique Designs Contributing to Child Development!

We take pride in exporting our wooden toys to 16 countries, with Germany being a primary destination. By undertaking subcontracted productions for renowned companies, we strengthen our position in the industry. Adhering to European standards and certified manufacturing practices, we prioritize the health of our children. We ensure safe play experiences by coloring our wooden toys with N71-3 certified paints and oils.

Our team of engineers and industrial designers consistently strives to create new and captivating designs. Collaborating with Montessori educators and pedagogues, we produce toys suitable for children of all age groups.

We protect your design rights and confidentiality through privacy agreements, keeping your original designs safe from the risk of theft. Producing your designs with skill, we offer competitive prices.

With our specialized team in CNC machines and wooden toy manufacturing, we guarantee timely delivery of your products at the best prices. We provide a unique experience in the world of wooden toys and Montessori philosophy toys, which are increasingly used in child education today.

If you are looking for a reliable partner in the wooden toy industry, contact us. We are here to offer a healthy and educational play experience for your children.

Contribute to your children’s education and add joy to their learning time with Wooden Toys and Montessori Toys!

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Team of Bb Wooden meticulously inspects physical areas and elevates our existing high standards to new heights through internal audits.

Environmental Policy

Bb Wooden implements Industry 4.0 protocols and uses RFID system in order to track all processes from procurement of raw materials and parts to machining, assembly, distribution and sales.

Corparate Social Resbonsibility

Bb Wooden aims to create an ethical and sustainable business model by contributing to various social and environmental projects.

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