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A New Experience in the World of Flavor
Horeca & Design

Hotel, Restaurant & Cafe
Kitchen, Home & Tableware

Have you seen our products?

Horeca Equipment offers a brand-new culinary experience in the hospitality, restaurant, and cafe sector with our exclusive designs. Our extensive range of products, including cutting and presentation boards, serving trays, plates, and more, adds elegance to your kitchens and dining tables. Our products, combining style and functionality, meet the expectations of both professional chefs and home users. In the details that enhance the flavor, our wooden Horeca Equipment stands out in the hotel and tourism sector, while our cutting and presentation boards accompany you in your homes and dining tables. Explore and elevate your culinary experience.

Wood adds a special warmth and natural touch to your tables and hotels. As Wooden Horeca Equipment, we bring elegance and a unique touch to your tables, whether in hotels, restaurants, cafes, or your home. Our wooden cutting boards provide a safe and natural material for preparing your food. Presentation boards, on the other hand, allow you to display your dishes with care.

Feel the warmth of wood in your homes and restaurants. Our Wooden Horeca Equipment combines aesthetic designs for a visual feast while prioritizing functionality. These products contribute to your tables, making your dining experience even more special.

You can confidently use our Wooden Horeca Equipment with the unique beauty of wood in your Hotels, Restaurants & Cafes, Kitchens, Homes & Tableware. Take inspiration from nature and elevate your tables to a unique atmosphere.

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Team of Bb Wooden meticulously inspects physical areas and elevates our existing high standards to new heights through internal audits.

Environmental Policy

Bb Wooden implements Industry 4.0 protocols and uses RFID system in order to track all processes from procurement of raw materials and parts to machining, assembly, distribution and sales.

Corparate Social Resbonsibility

Bb Wooden aims to create an ethical and sustainable business model by contributing to various social and environmental projects.

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